SALON  美容店

When a daughter closes up her deceased mother's nail salon, she learns more about her mother and the ladies who gave life to their second home.

Chantal Thuy, Cindy Cheung, Kristen Hung, Amy Chang,
with Nancy Koh

2011, in English and Mandarin with English subtitles

Producers: Heather Jack, Corinne Manabat
Director of Photography: Matthew Mendelson
Editor: Hye Mee Na
Production Designer: Sonia Li
Sound Mixer: Toshimichi Saito
Boom Operators: WooJae Chung, Dan Marrero Armas
1st Assistant Camera: Blerta Basholli
2nd Assistant Camera: Lakshmi Indrasimhan
Assistant Director: Shiva Bajpai
Script Supervisor: Gabrielle Demeestere
G&E: Bruce Thierry Cheung, Yianna Dellatolla, Chris Huang, Chin Tangsakulsathaporn, Umar Riaz, Omar Zuniga Hidalgo
Art: Virginia Urreiztieta Sapene, Holden Osborne, John Wong
Hair & Make-up: Emma Berley
Music Consultant: Jack Tung
Wardrobe Consultant: Shao Yang
Production Driver: Harmeet Oberoi
Set Caterer: Paul Kim
Set Photographer: Bao Minh Nguyen
DVD Cover Design: John Wong

design: john wong